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Ko Tamaki

Web Developer ( Developer / writer / music-media )

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Ko is a freelance and a Front-end developer based in Tokyo and Kanagawa with a passion for building Homepage and Web Application. Especially in building HomePage, there are thousands of thousands of tips in his body. when not online, he loves camping with his music playlist. He live on Pizza.


1995Born in Okinawa (沖縄), Japan.
2016Worked at Sydney Central YHA. (シドニーセントラルYHA入社)
2019Worked at Placole (株式会社プラコレ入社)
2020Graduated school of Industrial Management at University Of The Ryukyus. (琉球大学観光産業科学部産業経営学科)
2022 and nextWork as a freelance

I ❤︎

Music, Radio(as MC), Playing Guiter, web design, Traveling

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